Agile Product Development, Product Management, and Project Management Framework.

Navigate Complexity

A framework to help you make sense of complex situations and make effective decisions.

Optimize Flow

A framework to help you do the most valuable work, in the most valuable way, at the right time.

Delight Customers

Organize around value delivery and build products that truly delight customers and stakeholders.


An alternative approach to project management and product development that helps you grow agility, navigate complexity, and build great products that delight customers and product stakeholders. 

A snapshot of Kanplexity

Kanplexity has been developed by Agility Chef, John Coleman, after decades of experience in project management and agile product development environments. 

Cynefin Framework

Sense-making is a mental exercise that evaluates situations against our understanding of how the world works. Cynefin is essentially a sense-making compass. Kanplexity relies on the concept of sense-making developed as part of the Cynefin framework.

Kanban Framework

Think of Kanplexity as a Cynefin starter pack for agility underpinned by Kanban. Kanplexity is not context-free; some adaptation is expected. Kanplexity is for people working together in complex domains to build products that truly delight customers.

Direction of Travel

A direction of travel is a loose purpose that can flex depending on what we learn. The direction of travel evolves, pivots, or stops. While goals are helpful for complicated work, it’s crucial to inform decision-making with evidence for and against the goal’s validity.

How Kanplexity Works

A brief outline of the three key steps to adopting and leveraging the Kanplexity model in your product development environments.

Kanplexity Guide (Leadership)

Identify and train a Kanplexity Guide. An agile leader for the environment that helps the team and organization navigate complexity and decide what the most valuable next step is. Explore the Executive Agility guide for more information.

Define your workflow

Create your Kanban board and make the flow of work visible and transparent. Each column represents a phase of production and identifies what must be done for the work to progress.

Optimize flow

The Kanplexity guide provides several patterns you can adopt to manage the flow of work effectively and organize your teams around value creation. It also provides insights into great agile leadership.

Kanplexity Outcomes

What you can anticipate from adopting and leveraging the Kanplexity model appropriately.

Effective Flow

An effective and efficient flow of work throughout the system.

Effective Teamwork

Creative, collaborative, and hyper-productive team environments.

High Performance

Limiting work in progress means that less equals more.

Increased Quality

Building the most valuable product, in the most valuable way.

Less 'Time to Value'

Create more valuable products and release them faster.

Customer Satisfaction

Continuous delivery of value for increased customer satisfaction.

Kanplexity in Motion

Collaborate, cocreate, and manage flow effectively, regardless of whether you are working remotely or in the same room.

Kanplexity Reviews

Customers, suppliers, partners, and collaborators provide feedback on the Kanplexity framework.

Meet Our Kanplexity Team

Kanplexity is supported by some of the most progressive, respected names in Agile.

John Coleman

Agility Chef // Founder


Connect with John Coleman on LinkedIn.

Vanesa Cernamorit

Brand // Marketing


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it does, in fact it was designed with multiple team environments in mind. Watch this short video for more info.


You have all the right people and you have all the right skills, you don’t need to start from scratch or create false accountabilities. Watch this short video for more info.


Kanban is a visual agile framework that is proven in some of the most complex applications on earth. Watch this short video for more info.


Traditiona project management has it’s pros and cons, but Kanplexity effectively solves 3 primary challenges of traditional project management. Watch this short video for more info.


Yes, there is. Kanplexity embraces the skills, competency and capabilities of project managers. Watch this short video for more info.


Kanplexity leverages the powerful Cynefin framework to help you make sense of complexity and determine what to do next. Watch this short video for more info.


Kanplexity e-Learning

Grow your agile and Kanplexity capabilities with our self-paced, online learning platform. Expert advice, insights, and training from a Professional Scrum Trainer and the founder of Kanplexity.

Kanplexity Blogs

Curious about Kanplexity? Great, we love that you’re here and looking for ways to improve and excel. We’ve created heaps of videos to help you understand agile, product development in complex environments, and how to lead through complexity. Subscribe to our YouTube channel on: Kanplexity YouTube